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20 Ways to Accept Yourself

If you’re a woman, chances are that at some point in your life you’ve felt like there was something about yourself that just wasn’t right. Maybe it’s the way you look or act or talk. But don’t worry! You aren’t alone and this blog post is here to help. Here are 20 ways for women to accept themselves, no matter what they do:


1) Always say yes to new experiences- when we open ourselves up to new things, we learn more about who we are and grow as people.


2) Stop comparing yourself with other people- everyone has their own obstacles and challenges so don’t feel bad about yours because someone else might be struggling with theirs too!


3) Embrace your quirks


4) Tell people when they hurt your feelings because this shows them where their words have power over you, which makes them more conscious of the way they speak.


5) Give up trying to please everyone and instead do what pleases YOU


6) Keep calm when people tell you that your dreams are impossible. They’re just afraid of what they could mean for them.


7) When someone is cruel and uses language to target you because of who you are, whether it be a racist term or a homophobic slur, learn about how their language came to be used so hatefully and then use the same knowledge against them!


8) Learn not all men are like this; in fact, most aren’t! Encourage those around you to take a stand against misogyny and sexism by saying something when they hear it.


9) Accept that you can change the world.


10) Accept who You are!


11) Accept that you have everything it takes within to make changes in your life


12) Accept that there is a purpose for your presence in this world


13) Accept that you are enough as you are


14) Accept that you never need to prove anything


15) Acceptance of this moment, as it is


16) Detach yourself from outcomes


17) Give up trying to manage everything


18) Allow others to be who they are


19) Let Go of resistance! (This is a BIG ONE)



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