Alvinya Key

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I’m a writer, blogger, filmmaker, writing coach, and women empowered activist. I have written a book about my personal relationships and have helped others with their book writing. I have a children’s book based on my youngest son learning his colors. My second book that’s a follow-up to my first published book, will be available on Kindle Vella as a series book starting July 29, 2020.

I created a personal blog about her life experiences to share with other mothers. I’m currently working on my next project that’s a documentary about mothers.

I am a business partner of a coffee cafe in Los Angeles, called Hustler’s Cup Cafe. The cafe serves the Los Angeles community. We wanted to have a coffee cafe in Los Angeles to be a staple for our community to be more involved in specialty coffee. 

Blackque Coffee Magazine is the newest venture I have taken on. The magazine will be an online platform for women of color. This magazine serves as a positive staple for our community.