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We Salute Working Women

As I continue to pay tribute to women every week in my blog post for Women’s Month, I’m paying homage to working women this week. The women who have the nine to five jobs or the women who are climbing up the corporate ladder are some of the world’s most impressive women. They work hard to make sure they are getting the job, most of the time with no complaints. Women are still being underrated in the workplace, even though most are far better than their male counterparts. In 2021 we are still fighting for the right to have equal pay as men. The number is even lower for Black women on the paying spectrum. Black women have to work twice as hard as their male counterparts and as white women. Women are becoming corporate executives, all while being a wife, mother, sister, friend, and more.


The nine to five women are either just trying to pay bills for their family or juggling work and school at the same time. I salute those women; hell, I was that woman. I was juggling two jobs, school, and two kids. My hat is off to you ladies! Some women are just in the position to get from point A to B. Not everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder or become an entrepreneur, and some are just as happy working their job and take great pride in what they do. Your jobs are just as challenging and problematic as any others and still should get fair pay in the workplace. Nine to five women can be someone who works not only at Mc Donald’s but work for the City/State in their area. Let’s not get it twisted a lot of nine to five jobs pay just as well as some high-level managerial positions, with no degree. I uplift and salute you!


For my Corporate climbers, I know it’s hard trying to get in the higher positions at times. I admire your determination and strength for the journey you take into making it to the organizations’ top Executive levels and having the tenacity to outdo your male counterparts and still look beautiful while doing so. There are more women in the boardrooms than ten years ago. That’s is an accomplishment and foot in the right direction. We still have a lot more battles to fight in the boardrooms. Having to control your emotions in some male-dominated fields because you may be seen as weak or a Black woman, you are too aggressive. I say to you ladies, don’t let anyone dim your light and let it shine as bright as the sun. Don’t change who you are just to be accepted for a position you know damn well you deserve and are highly qualified to perform.


Lastly, let’s salute the career women, the doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse, and more. Many of these women are in school for over four years to get a degree in the field that will catapult their careers tremendously. They become teachers who teach our children and help them get prepared for the world of education. The doctor is in school for eight years or more to help us deliver our babies, treat dental needs, give us surgery when needed be, and just give us general care. The nurses are here to take care of us more than some of the doctors. They are the first point of contact we see before the doctor. The doctors and the nurses have been on the frontline since the pandemic holding it down for us all. They are not seeing their own family and putting their health in danger. I appreciate and thank you for your service. Let’s not forget about the women in the military fighting for us and chose that as their career. They are becoming high-ranking officers and fighting overseas for our Country. Thank you for your service! The politician that starts as a Councilwoman later becomes a Congresswoman.


We can’t forget about the women in the entertainment industry that give other women a shot to make movies, songs, books, and more for women.


As a woman who used to work at nine to five and now a full-time entrepreneur, I’m proud to celebrate Women’s Month alongside other women in the world. We run the damn world, and no one can stop the US. We as women have to continue to stick together and clap for each other. We have to help each other keep our crowns on at all times with no shade. So, ladies, I salute you all! Until Next Week!


Talk To You Soon!

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