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What Did This Year Teach You?

What did this year teach you? This is the question of the year that everyone has been asking themselves or each other. This year has taught some people a lot about themselves, and others haven’t learned a thing. Some have grown, made accomplishments, exceed their own expectations, or even helped others save. This year has come with some ups and downs for the most part. People have risen to the occasion and surprised themselves. With the year coming to an end, we have a lot to be thankful for. When the beginning of the year came, I had no idea what was in store for me. I knew I wanted to make some things happen in my life, I did not know what I wanted to start with first. An opportunity came to be a part of a women-owned space, and I would run the coworking section. I prayed about it and said yes to this new adventure. It was such an exciting thing for me. I wanted to have a women-owned coworking space for women only. We got the space, had a grand opening, and then COVID happened in a matter of three months into the year. I didn’t worry because I figured it would be fixed in a couple of months. Well, that didn’t, and we are still dealing with it. We had to wait to officially open because the Los Angeles shut down, and the restrictions were burdensome. We decided to wait to see how things happened, and we still paid the rent on the space.


I came to Cali in June, and I refocused my energy on my coffee company dream. The coffee company was going to be a part of the coworking space later on, so I decided to focus on that. My now business partner was with the plan, and we were a go. We figured we could open the coffee café and just do online orders/pick-up only. My partner reached out to her people in the coffee industry, and they came helping 120%. They helped us financially, and we started receiving grants and help from everywhere. We started getting the space together and redesigning until we came into a snag. As the plumbers began making space for new pipes, they discovered the sewer pipes were busted.


We couldn’t move forward because we couldn’t come to a resolution with the owner. We decided to move on from the space and look for something new. It was heartbreaking because we had the room and ready to open then the plumbing and electrical issues happened. It made me feel like a failure because I was so excited to open up this year. I had to pray about it, and I told my business partner, God has a reason for everything, so don’t trip. We will find a better space. We are still getting help from other people to find a building and obtaining grants to pay for space. God is so good, and we will have our space open next year. As that door to the space closed, a door opened up for the business partner to go to roasting school, so we can start to roast our own beans. Now that we have that opportunity, we will be great as a company in the end. 2021 Hustler’s Cup will be on the map heavily.


On another note, I finished my children’s book. It took damn near the whole year, but dammit, I finished the book. It is now on Amazon, called “Little Frank’s Colorful Zoo Adventure.” I’m so happy and proud of this book. I have been through the wringer trying to get this book done, but momma, I made it. I have also been filming my documentary for moms, and it has been an incredible journey for me. It has helped me as a mom as well, and it will be out in summer 2021. Frank and I started the corporation that we named in the family name. This corporation is going to help our family and our kids. We put our kids on the board and showing them ownership and legacy is vital.


Frank losing his job at the beginning of the year, we did not worry about anything. We are very blessed to be one of those families that did not suffer financially. Now emotionally, I suffered a lot, even with having a therapist. The kids were in school at home, helping them with their work, and not getting any alone time was draining me. At one point, I said to my therapist I wanted to jump out of the Fucking window just to get some peace to myself. She thought I meant taking my life, and that was not the case. I really just wanted to jump out of the window to getaway. I suffered from bad depression for months. I cried all the time for no reason, and I had some old memories about my mom, that later found out through therapy, I was still grieving her. I did not really tell anybody, but Frank knew because he tried his best to help me. I did not say to my friends, and when I did, I was months in. They had my back and told me I should have talked to them about it earlier. Now I’m feeling better each day. My physician prescribed me some medication that I have been taking for a month now. She said it will take some time to get into my system, giving it at least six weeks. I have not had a crying spell in a long time, so I’m assuming it is working. Between having the right family, friends, therapist, and the one and only GOD on my side, things are getting better.


This year has taught me a lot. I got out of my comfort zone a lot, and It has made me more creative in writing and design. I had to think outside of the box when it came to the coffee business. I did not let opening get me down like I would typically do. I have had to let some people go, and that’s alright. I have had to forgive people even if I did not get an apology for the wrongdoing. I had to be patient when I wanted to just say Fuck it all. I have learned some things about myself that still needs to change, and some things I did not know about myself. This year was a humbling learning curve, but a blessed one. This year has taught me to appreciate what’s in front of me and not take things or people for granted. This year taught me that I need to love myself more. I can go on and on about this year, but I’m so grateful for everything it has brought me. As the year comes to a close, I just want to thank GOD we made it through. 2021 is the year to flourish and reap the benefits of GOD. So, see you next year, ya’ll. It’s been real.


Until Next Time!!

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